Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Skin Sergeant - Tom Kish

So I had this amazing facial a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't the normal "fluffy facial", I've nicknamed it the S&M facial because my skin sergeant Tom Kish was all business from the get-go. Now if you recall I worked in salons for 5 or so years so I've had my fill of some good skin care people.

My session with him was a gift from a friend that I helped out. She mentioned that he "worked on a few stars" a "couple of the girls from Desperate Housewives" hummm intrigued I drove to his Hollywood home to his studio. Before I did though I wanted to know more about this mystery man so I Googled him. Nothing. I became a little crazed...how does this person who has a skin care line not have anything come up about him? I still don't know, but for the record I'll mention Tom Kish's name a few times so that when anyone else would like to know about Tom Kish's Skin Care skills they can source this story.

Back to the story, straight out of the gate he looked at my skin and named 4-5 systemic issues I was having and then talked about my "rosacea acne" and told me that it wasn't it, it was this other thing. He explained that he had worked for many years with eastern medicine doctors developing his products because he couldn't find what he needed on the market. Bingo. love it already.

So the facial began: a head toss-wham, another head toss- wham, a micro dermabrasion, a steam, a mask, another mask applied with what felt like a wire brush, an intense massage unlike any I had ever had, another mask...2 hours later he applied a face oil and applied a piece of cheese cloth to my face [I have had a similar treatment done and was expecting that] instead he said "this is going to feel warm but it won't burn you it's perfectly heat regulated" on goes the hot paraffin wax! holy toledo, after all the scrubbing and what-not I thought I was going to be a piece of shredded hamburger. Instead what I discovered, once I got off the bed 2+ hours later, was perfect skin. The bumps that the doctor was calling "acne" were gone. My skin was softer than a babies bum!

In the end, I went with the "non-kish" product oregano oil to help keep the bumps at bay [it also helps if you feel like you're getting a cold and with yeast issues] who knew that oregano was a natural antibiotic?

When I left, I was in a little bit of shell shock because it wasn't the normal fluffy, happy, shiny facial that I'm use to but the reality is that It Worked like nothing else I've tried. He describes himself as a healer and someone who specializes in problem skin. [Another name dropping of "a cast member of Lost" came up in that conversation]. I called my girlfriend who gave me the gift certificate and said "thank you for the best ass-kicking ever"

So here's the deal, If you live in the Los Angeles Area and are up for getting the shit beat out of you but have your skin look absolutely the most amazing it has ever been I can recommend Tom Kish Skin Care. If you're a wimp, than I'll recommend a fluffy, nice little place for you as well. But....Man-up girls [or boys] it will be worth it. I promise.

$175 [minimum of 2 hours - sometimes it goes to 3]
By appointment only: Tom Kish Skincare 1.323.969.8031
Tell him Richele recommended the kick-ass facial

image>Los Angeles Magazine Article but I don't know when because, when I searched it - it would not bring up any results.


SGM said...

Richie, I am so jealous! Did he approve of your Clarin's regimen? (you've got me using that now and I love it).

By the way--re your Target posts--I was just there (haven't been in a while) and the clothes blew me away. I also bought some Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow and really like it. Go Target!

franki durbin said...

why oh why do I not live by this genius?

Richie Designs said...

I didn't tell him about my Clarin's problem [that I love it so] I figured he'd talk me out of it somehow!

he's really good at what he does.

I'm a little afraid of round 2...maybe it gets better but maybe it gets more intense ;)

Sarah Kish said...

My name is Sarah Kish and this is my Uncle! :) He truly is amazing! I will now be doing the same treatments here in MI. I have been an Esthetician for nearly 8 years now, and will be under his tutelage for further knowledge and know how. I am very excited about it! I absolutely can't wait! Just so you all know, we have a skin care line as well. Kish Cosmetics. It is an organic Hungarian skin care line. You will love it the moment you use it! http://02d6021.netsolhost.com/blog1/2009/03/26/about-tom-kish-skincare/

Sarah Kish said...

I believe it is actually called Tom Kish Skin Care... not Kish Cosmetics. The products are fabulous! (I always recommend using them as directed by your esthetician or dermatologist, or as the product directions suggest)