Thursday, August 28, 2008

3 second recount of the past two weeks

Dooce the other day mentioned that you can retell the past in three seconds. So here's what you've missed since I've been dark all these days. It feels like an eternity to me!

So here it is the three second recap of why you haven't heard from me:

The computer obviously went down a dark trail. I got it back Tuesday but then realized they forgot to give me my power cord on Wed night when I went to hook it up.

My Direct TV took a dump at the same time. I'm in the process of moving over to Fios. So instead of having the guy come fix it only to then cancel the service [they were going to charge me] So lord have mercy, I've also been without TV and a computer for over two weeks. It's nearly Little House On The Prairie around here. We missed the Olympics and whatever other fantastic trash has been on.

We moved the boyfriend to his new place an hour and a half away for his medical program. Did I mention it's in the desert? and the day we moved, the weather was kind, only about 105 degrees. I decided that day that the only reason to be in heat like that is to be walking to the pool with drink in hand. He starts his med program Sept 2. Two more years.

I slept on my neck wrong the night before we moved him and my back did not like that move, as expected. By tomorrow I will have spent over $200 putting humpty dumpty back together again. Not to mention the ungodly amount of pain killers I've consumed. My chiropracter cracked my neck so loud yesterday that even he looked at me alarmed. I asked him if my head will still attached to my body, it was, but barely. Thankfully he's moved my pain from a 10 down to a 3. I have a very high threshold for pain so you might imagine having approx 10 icepicks in your neck and shoulder and that might equal what it feels like. I would guess my 10 is someone elses 20, I have a good poker face though.

The 9-5 is hellish right now. I wish I could say more but I won't. I will say that this is about the time of the year that I think "the makeup counter at Nordstrom would be a great choice about now". I mention that fact openly with my coworkers. They laugh but know I'm partially serious.

That's about it. I just had my second massage in as many days and I shouldn't be on this thing making more problems for myself till my neck calms down. I couldn't be away from all of you one more day though. Lordie I'm addicted.

Have a great long weekend kids. I'll get it together next week.

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karey m. said...

not the best week in history...but i'm terribly happy you're back.

and two years is a blip. seriously. xoxo.