Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Return of the Best Drag Queen Ever

I know you've all been waiting for this. Wait no more. Announced this morning...Cher, the best drag queen ever to walk the planet is back from retirement and will be performing in Vegas beginning in May at Ceasars Palace. Mr. Blackwell's "cockroach" has crawled out to entertain us again with costume changes, diva-ness, and keep my gay buddies happy little clams. Currently she is scheduled to appear only four weeks [we suspect it will carry over longer], 4 nights a week. Bob Mackie has also been called out to do her up good.

Bag on her all you want, I have to admit I love her. She is the O.G of Diva's, tells it like it is and hell, the woman is 60+ and despite some surgical help looks damn good. I have seen her live [yes, admitting that out loud] twice, both times with gay fans and it was quite campy fun. In Vegas now it's Bette Midler vs Cher? I gotta give it up for Cher.

Speaking of drag queen-ness on her interview this morning, if anyone else saw it...did she have a bit of a 5 O'clock shadow going on? The makeup over wisker/'stash look was a little disconcerting.

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