Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm a superstar with 11 year olds

When you were turning 11 what kind of party did you have? I think mine was ice cream cake and a hand full of girlfriends. I'm sure we were clad in terry cloth and satin jackets HELLO...Michael Jackson's Off The Wall anyone? My friend's daughter is turning 11 and she is having a "disco" themed party [I guess mine was too come to think about it - just the ORIGINAL version!] Apparently it will be co-ed and disco balls and Queen will be on tap for the evening.

I was asked to design her invites last week. I decided to do a little 'club like' flyer that was long and skinny and named it "Club Alix" which is her name. I have had tons of fun doing her invites in the past, you name it we've done every uber-cool kid thing.

I wasn't too sure how the club poster was going to go over [would she get it? Did it look too much like a Rave? Am I over thinking it?]. I know 11 yr olds can be a picky bunch [I was!] but word came back today that Alix is the a very happy camper and the invites were the bomb with the other little girls.

My boyfriend accused me of living vicariously through the most popular little girl in her class. Hey, if you can't be the bomb the first time around at least I can insure someone else gets to the top of the heap! She doesn't need my help though she's incredibly outgoing, smart and probably one of the prettiest little girls I've ever seen. Happy Birthday Alix!

If all my clients could be so happy designing would be so easy.

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Angeleen said...

Nice work!

Very cool design. You KNOW you're doing something right if you can please an 11-year-old. ;)