Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Conversation Sunday Evening: Music Boyfriend no.1

Watching the Grammy's with boyfriend [who believes any music not Stevie Ray Vaughn or Def Leppard is crap] he complains all the way through each nominee. Most especially rap music. I made him endure the program to watch Alicia Keys because my super-cougar-crush John Mayer was going to perform with her. This is how our conversation went:

Me: You know that I have a huge crush on him right?
him: That guy? Isn't he the whiney guy that sings "your body is a wonderland?" he says, in a mocking whiney tone.
me: Yes, and my body is a wonderland you ass!
him: Of course it is honey but he's horrible.
me: Well at the moment he's at the top of my "5 freebies". I'm sorry to tell you that I would have to cheat on you if he gave me the opportunity.
him: really? [realizing the severity of my crush] well OK, then.
me: I'll put a call into Penelope Cruz for you should that day arrive.
him: Cool, I'm down with that.

me walking into the bathroom to brush my teeth...

him: what does he got that I haven't got anyway?
me: He's young and rich.
him: laughing...all right I'll give you that one.

P.S. Miss SGM...I know you're a fan. How hot is his new hair cut? Pluuuezze already. so friggin cute.


flow said...

ok i must agree .. john mayer one of my top 5 as well :) hehehe...

the things we get of tv shows!

you know i actually had a chance to meet one of my top 5 and declined because i knew my husband would freak! LOL

Richie Designs said...

omg...that is so cool. do tell who was it?

Richie Designs said...

omg...that is so cool. do tell who was it?

Angeleen said...

Yes, JM. Delish'.

Love the new cut... as I mentioned on my blog! LOL!

Wish he would have gotten more airtime... maybe even his OWN FREAKIN' SET! PLEASE!! What WAS that? 10 seconds then nothing for the rest of the night.

We were robbed. ROBBED, I tell you!

SGM said...

It's hot. Super-hot. Don't tell anyone that I just admitted that.