Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Shoe Boyfriend is moving in

My friends and I started this thing in college when we all had a crush on the same guy. None of us ever talked to him or wanted to really he was just nice to look at. Our secret boyfriends as we've named them are fantastic. You can have one in every category. These are the men that you love regardless if they know you or love you. They can be gay or straight, musicians, make up artists, designers. And you can have as many of them as you want and break up with them when they disappoint. I advise you to have as many as possible, a girl can never have too many good men in her corner.

Women's Wear Daily is reporting that my shoe boyfriend Christian is moving into the O.C. Like all good men he's realized the error of his ways in not being in Orange County with the hordes of rich, blonde women [which I am neither] who covet him.

Louboutin told Women’s Wear Daily that he plans to open a location at the upscale Costa Mesa shopping center. In the article today by WWD, a trade publication, Louboutin is looking to open the local boutique this year.

If the French designer signs the lease, it would be his first boutique in Orange County. Louboutin currently only has three U.S. boutiques, two in New York and one in Beverly Hills. A fourth one is scheduled to open this month in Las Vegas. Louboutin couldn’t be reached for comment.

Last October, Louboutin’s first visit to Orange County lured nearly 500 fawning fans to Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, according to an article by Register reporter Katherine Nguyen. Heather Hufnagel, 31, of Costa Mesa, was among the fans who waited in line to meet Louboutin, pictured left, who’s known for his signature red soles.
“Oh my God. That was honestly the highlight of the year for me. Since the day I got married, that was the best day of my life. It might even be better than my wedding day.”

side note: Poor dear, Katherine Nguyen....if meeting him was better than your wedding day you've taken this secret boyfriend thing too far. I'm pretty sure he bats for the other team, dear.

Now If you need, me I'll just be over here selling my blood and digging soda cans from the local recycling bins for my next pair of shoes.

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