Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm getting the jewelry itch again

The year I turned 30, actually the day I turned 30 my divorce was final. It was a long, rough year. At the end of it all, the thing I missed most about my marriage [which is so sad] was my little antique ring set. I felt so naked without it. As a treat to myself and and my "marrying myself" motto which I firmly believe in still, I bought myself a little tiny white gold band with super micro-diamond chips in it. At the time I was broke and it was all I could afford.

About two-three years later my grandmother passed away and left me a bit of money. I would have gladly handed it all over for her wedding band which meant everything to me but someone else in the family has it, so in a way of remembering her I bought my first real piece of jewelry by Cathy Waterman. It's a pretty, little stackable platinum band to go with my other.

Two years after that, amidst another big relationship break up and facing 35 [? I think I have my timeline correct] as potentially a single person once again I built my first ring with my now Jeweler in Seal Beach, California. We took a couple of images of earrings and rings that I liked and used some stones from a couple of yellow gold rings I no longer wore and put it all together. Still today, I have people stop me to ask about the ring. A modified version of the setting is now available in her permanent line up.

At 37 [are you getting the two year-ish thing yet?] I built another ring with my gal, based off an incredible bubble gum sized aquamarine ring that Vera Wang did [mine is substantially smaller]. It's ok...I don't wear it as often as the other but it's lovely piece of jewelry.

This year [though I'm suppose to be saving for Paris] I'm really wanting a sweet pair of diamond earrings. I have two pair of diamond earrings currently. One [I also purchased myself] somewhere smashed into that later timeline, and a very pretty dangly pair that my guy bought me for Christmas one year. I'm not a dangly earring person so I wear them on fancy days. My studs that I do wear daily are sad little things so I'm considering having "my jeweler" I guess you would call her pump them up a bit. I saw these two pair tonight that may just work around my existing stones.

It's a funny thing... jewelry...As women, we're taught that it should come from the men in our lives but I can tell you [with the exception of the one I'm with now] It's always been a disappointment [for a multitude of reasons]. I didn't know when I started on this project of investing in myself with jewels that it would be empowering but it is!! to pick out exactly what you want, when you want it. I highly suggest buying yourself out a little bauble for your next birthday or promotion. I was a believer of the "celebration ring or right hand ring" before it made it to advertising so "Rock" on girls!

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flow said...

i agree with you!
as much as i love my wedding ring which my husband had custom made for me - my most cherished ring is the ring my mother gave me in high school and the matching rings we had made :)

i always buy jewelry for myself :) in fact, other than my wedding rings - my husband in all our 6yrs has yet to purchase me any type of jewel LOL

so you go girl!!!!