Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Muuuussst havvvve this jacket

Since Katie Holmes cut her sweet little bangs [I had mine first] I've been sort of a stalker. Mostly because seeing photos of her is like seeing the perfect, cute, skinny, tall version of myself. It's a little odd actually. I would post a pic of myself but I have an aversion to posting my own image to the web. You'll have to trust me that the basics are there hair, skin, perky nose, 20 more pounds 5" less of leg... but I will never claim to be THAT cute.

Anyhow, I digress. This particular jacket is the most perfect red. I think I would look smashing in it as well! Let me know if my local Target is going to be carrying it soon because I'll be right out there picking one up.

While you're at it can you arrange to have this tiny weenie bag sent over? I'm sure Suri is locked in side of this one [hello? I didn't even know Hermes made a bag that size- that's not standard right? A custom order?]. She's pretty cute too so I'll take the kid if she comes as a package deal.


franki durbin said...

I'm sorry....but is that bag eating Katie Holmes??? (Can we call her Katie Cruise yet? LOL)Goodness. No, that is not standard issue Hermes. Enormous. Well, when you're carrying around all that money you need a place to stash the loot ;)

And she does look chic, doesn't she? Gone is the little girl. She looks so much more womanly now. I'd say Victoria Beckham has been a good influence on her ;)

Richie Designs said...

I'm convinced it's the Suri Suitcase.
Good lord that thing is enormous!!!

The Van Nucks said...

Okay what is up with the enormous bag?
Great color... perhaps she is a contortionist, she squeezes into the bag to get away from the Tom & the Scientology group.