Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm down with Team Fierce

In the beginning I can say it was definitely Rami [so over the draping thing!] but I have to give it to the annoying kid Christian, he's got some mad skills. If you didn't see last weeks episode "couture" where he teamed up with drag maven Their creation was spectacular.

The jacket ensemble by the women's team was to die for as well, but there was just something over the moon about Team Fierce.

I looked up Christian's bio and the kid has a pedigree : and upon graduation he took an international leap toward his future at The American Intercontinental University, London. Quickly adapting to the fashionable European lifestyle, he showed a small collection during London Fashion Week in Fall 2005. Christian was given the opportunity to work for the queen of punk herself, Vivienne Westwood, where he gained valuable experience, leading him into a position at Alexander McQueen his senior year.

Now his look and his work all makes sense. The kid is going to go far!

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