Friday, January 18, 2008

friday post: right now

I'm Excited:
• to get my samples from Madison Park Greetings [hopefully soon]
• for my new class to begin at Otis in digital letterpress. expect some cool ass posters in the next couple months
• that my sweetheart has this weekend off from the hospital so we can sleep in and go to breakfast

I think I would like
• another cup of coffee before I start my day
• I'd like to do another invite project soon, similar to the funky and cool pieces I did for Annie and Michele above and below.
[If you're interested in something different contact me at richele[at]
• a mani pedi this weekend
• a few days off from work to organize my house.

I can't wait for
• Chris to get his acceptance letter to P.A. School -due this month
• The new Rachael Yamagata CD to release
• My friend Chelsea's new shop to open in Silverlake called Mercado [story to come]
• New creative endeavors with my blogging buddy Franki

I'm loving
• STILL... acid yellow
• cherry red
JCrew just rocks all together
• my new silver ballet flats I got from Marshalls for $20 on super sale

These women rock my world
scented glossy magazines
and if you haven't read these women yet. RUN RIGHT NOW they are so amazingly funny it makes me want to quit writing.
Girl Gone Child


moonrat said...

do you have any news about the rachael yamagata cd?! i haven't heard ANYthing...

SGM said...

Thank you, sweet Richele!
I look forward to seeing your creative endeavors too. :)

Richie Designs said...

No haven't heard a thing about her CD...last I heard it was due in Jan. I keep checking her website but there's nothing listed.'s been way too long!!