Monday, February 21, 2011

right now...

this morning I'm very intrigued by some things:

this Cole Haan ad series which uses pieces of the magazine Dossier as background. I wanted someone to move the bag so I could see the type better - yes, I'm a type geek.

the kate spade line that Brad Goreski styled. I adore Brad but I think Kate does a fine job on their own. I'm not sure he added much to their situation.

how much mac & cheese was consumed Saturday night for my guys birthday. I made three flavors and Sunday I had a food hangover that lasted all day.

The LA Times story on Tom Ford yesterday that describes in detail where his office is here in LA. I want to hang outside just to see him live and in person.

and lastly this quote:
" A lie will go round the world, while truth is pulling it's boots on" 19th century preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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