Monday, February 07, 2011

I'm a sucker for a good flower pop. It's probably my sea of black, grey, white and denim screaming out for something more.

have I ever told you that pretty much everything I wear is a combo of three items I just listed? today I have on black pants with a white tank and white long sleeve tee. I happen to have a red scarf on because I'm wacky like that. Tomorrow I'll probably have the same setup except a different colored tank top - WOO Dream Big

{I'm boring} with clothes - it's just so much easier to have everything MATCH.

but I'm thinking something jazzy from might be something the spring time calls for.

though I can't be sure that a giant bow on a woman of {my} certain age is called for. This I might still have to ponder. Still these girls have some pretty darn cute stuff if you ask me.

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