Thursday, February 04, 2010

Right Now...

I'm really loving this kitchen featured over on desire to inspire photo by Stuart McIntyre.

I'm not feeling so swell. that kidney/ureator thing again. not good
On the upside of that, My friend April sent me the loveliest flowers today after my surgery.

I'm going to attempt to color my own hair tonight. Cutting back and all...this could be ugly

looking forward tomorrow night when I get to see Chris. I haven't seen him in a while he was on call last weekend.

It's almost Valentine's Day - I know it's mushy but I just love that holiday.

Happy Friday all. hope you have a lovely weekend full of football and snacks [or just pretend to like the football for the snacks]


studio.delucca said...


so sorry about your broken parts & pain.

pleasepleaseplease let us know what we can do to help you. the delucca family will always have your back.


karey m. said...

thinking of my friend. real, for sure. xoxo.