Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some Random Things for a Monday

Have I told you I've been pondering a pet? a small dog because I'm allergic to cats. But then I think about the vet visits, the walking, the pee breaks and it all sounds a little exhausting. I need a nap already. I might also mention my landlord who may not hold the same idea of small dog=cat idea I'm having.

The boyfriend's birthday this weekend. I say boyfriend because we are not married but we've been together nearly 6 years [this summer] and he is 45 so he is not a boy, and more than a friend for some time now. Although he is also my best friend so what do you do with that? We need a new name for this sort of thing don't you think? Lets work on that shall we? But back to his birthday. We had a lovely dinner, which he had to pay for [see note below] I kinda felt bad about that. But beyond that part what I can tell you is I had the most amazing martini. Salted Pear Martini made with pear vodka and St Germain [salted rim] awesome and dangerous all in one glass. I wanted a second and a third but refrained. Not to mention the butterscotch pudding with the salted caramel top via my friend Shelly Register amaze-balls.

click to enlarge receipe /I did not have spiced pear vodka but that's certainly an interesting take on the drink

onto the next bit of randomness...I'm seriously contemplating a part time job at Peet's my favorite coffee store. Reasons being: A. free coffee and you know what a whore I am for that, B. Some extra cash because well...I just used my last gift certificate to buy my said 45 year old boyfriend his birthday gift this weekend and made him pay for his own dinner -nice hu? C. did you know they offer full medical benefits to employees who work a minimum of 21 hrs a week? I'm also a whore for medical benefits if I haven't told you before. That whole metal in my spine thing. Insurance companies don't care for me much.

This is the part that I'm trying to sort out. I might have the opportunity to work at a real office again. I'm on round 500 of their interview process but I'm not sure I want to. I have my own thing going and it's getting busy although not making much money and I'm not sure mentally I'm ready to go back to the rat race just yet. Free coffee and the whole medical benefits...only 21 hrs a week so I can work on the things that I want to.

Have I officially lost my mind? please let me know inquiring minds want to know.

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cute dog

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a lovely being said...

I used to work at a coffee shop-- I loved it. I also have a small dog (bella-- a yorkie), and I love her, too. Dogs are a ton of work, but they're just so rewarding :)