Tuesday, February 09, 2010

DE - Rossi & Generes

It's not what you think that last post but I wish it was. My assistant and friend went to the taping of the Ellen show last week. He came in to tell me about it, cool I thought. And then he said have you ever been to the taping of a tv show? No, sure haven't and then he goes on to explain that usually on the tickets it says 'please don't bring gifts for the stars' blah blah blah.

ok, I think. makes sense.

but then Jeff said, Ellen's doesn't say that. In fact it says "bring whatever you want" and he got this little glimmer in his eye. What if I took her stationery?

me, rushed and not in the mood to design stationery in 24 hrs flat was amused and a little tickled but still grumpy about it. maybe, if I get something done in time, maybe if it works out, maybe if I have paper in the garage.

It obviously worked itself out. we printed it with the Super card in both yellow and this blue. The blue was Jeff's idea, he's a smart cookie like that.

So the verdict? He took the stationery but no word from our favorite lesbians....but maybe just maybe somewhere down the road ;)


Angeleen said...



Just like you. I'm sure you'll be hearing from the gals.

You're amazing, Richie! :)

SGM said...

Very cool, Richie! Crossing my fingers for you.

caroline duke said...

really, really cool. love them!

Lauren said...

This is beautiful! I DO hope you get a lovely message from those -lovely two- celebrating your design, because you definitely deserve it. Genius!