Tuesday, January 06, 2009

You can smell 10 years younger

Apparently through The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation located in Chicago [really? there is such a place??] they found that a whiff of pink grapefruit made men perceive women 8-12 years younger than their actual age. This company expanded that research and came back with scents that men around the world said smelled of "youth"

Ageless is a mix of pink grapefruit, citrus, tropical fruits and cherry blossom. Perceived youth ain't cheap girls... this little number will set you back $120.

My vote? try something in the Pink Grapefruit line at The Body Shop. This Body Butter $10 for a mini size Report back when you get carded!


karey m. said...

i've been having anti-comment-itis lately.

but never anti-holy-shit-richie-itis.

loved the posts i've missed...

Jennifer Lee said...

i use grapefruit bodywash .. i wonder if that makes me smell younger :P

Megan said...

I hate the name, but think I might like the smell. I do love grapefruit as a scent.