Sunday, January 11, 2009

Anthony Bourdain - In Spain

I saw this episode a couple of weeks ago of No Reservations and continue to think about it. I would describe myself as a undercover foodie. By that I mean, I love a fine dining experience, but I'm also kinda cheap, so the few times I've had the opportunity of a truly fine dining meal it has been through a design trade, or my good friend April [in the restaurant biz and who has eternally spoiled me for good food!], or someone else was paying.

So knowing that, I get a little crazed about the idea of a fabulous meal. I might mention I'm also kinda picky. The service has to be on par with the food [bad service will doom my meal from the start], or for instance if the menu says "Food likened to DiVinci's perfection" [a local restaurant has something like that on their menu] you had better damn well be able to back it up [they didn't]. I'm totally down with a taco hut, I can appreciate a yummy burger from a local pub but if I'm making a reservation, getting dressed up, and driving 40 minutes...don't disappoint me is all I'm saying.

knowing this, did you know there are more Michelin Star'd restaurants in Spain than anywhere else on the planet? Yes, my people can cook.

I did a week in Spain during my semester abroad. It consisted of cheap hotels and very unfine dining, unless you count that paella I still dream of. It makes me crazy excited to see this much good food all at once. The You Tube episode is in 5 parts so you'll have to be patient, but if you're a fan of good food, or Spain, or Anthony. It will embed in your brain.

el Bulli here I come.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to tell you that this led me to watch about 5 hours more of NR, I LOVE Anthony. He's just....I don't even have the words. Did you see the Bali episode where they ate the roast pig? I was dying, I am a pork fiend. I ended up telling my brother about it, and he went to the place and said it was so f'ing good that they ate there 3 times. Unheard of, for my brother. Did I tell you I love food? I do, irrationally.

Megan said...

I left you the above comment and then the next word verification was "pigma". I think the universe is telling ma something, hopefully not my new nickname. Oh, hell, I'll embrace it!