Sunday, January 25, 2009

February's - W Magazine

I'm a fan of thinking differently, Of pushing the artist way. W Magazine I applaud...has been doing so the last few years. Letting actors art direct shoots, or being their own photographer [Angelina Jolie's cover by Brad Pitt]. This month's issue is no different. Presumably pumping up Benjamin Button, Brad is front and center for this month's cover. What is more notable though, is when asked who he would like to photograph him he said Chuck Close.

Close, known for his life-like portrait painting, uses old photographic techniques to get his silvery images, he then uses them to reference for his paintings. Close's work though amazingly life-like, is also known for not being extraordinarily kind to his subjects. Here-in lies the bravery of Mr. Pitt.... Front and center, sans Photoshop.

I know most women swoon for Mr. Pitt. He's a handsome guy I'll admit - but he's not really my thing. I guess, a little too pretty for my taste. I do like his zest for life these days and his pursuit of art and living - those things do make him more attractive to me. What made me lose my sh*t for this cover was Mr. Close's work, who is one of my favorite big named painters. I knew it was his work, before I saw the photo credit.

But I'm also a fan of the fantasy. So who cares if this spread was retouched. My sistah-ness in turning 40 this year, Christy Turlington Burns Shot by the amazing Mario Sorrenti. Rock on 1969.

Photographed by Mario Sorrenti Styled by Camilla Nickerson
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