Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christian Dior - Pre Fall 09

I'm freaking a little... actually a lot, about the economy so I'm going to avoid it by showing you the most delicious clothes ever. Me and Dita Von Teese...all the way in these baby.

Not really my color I would look I was dead...but love the lines

this is more my speed and forgiving for the muffin top

I know it's not PC to like fur...but I'm really liking it right now. Don't hate me.

Ditto. I mean it's just a little collar.

I'll wear it to the office I swear. Minus the Prince lace thingy though.


Petunia said...

Great pictures. The gray coat is to DIE for! And...I love fur. I have a closet full of furs I have collected over many years. I secretly wear them around my house. I tried three time in the last few months to sell my full length Red Fox coat on Ebay. It is the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen and my cats love to sleep on it. In the ten years I have had it I have worn it three times but I wish I could wear it all the time! In the past few months I have tried to sell it three times on Ebay. I am secretly happy it didn't sell. That's the only good thing that has come out of the economic implosion even if I have to live on noodles as a result. I tell people all my furs are made from road kill so that makes them already dead and recycling is good. I am afraid of the PEDA police. I have been yelled out once for wearing fur. I told the lady it was the best damn faux fur she'd ever seen. The silly thing believed me and apologized. I'm not sure why I'm confessing this to you but I feel better now so, thanks!

Angeleen said...

The clothes are gorgeous.

The model needs a burger and a beer...

Richie Designs said...

yeah for fur. and road kill. and the best damn faux fur ever [that's hilarious btw]. dunno I'll probably get slammed for saying this but we all wear leather so...

model needs a burger. but burgers don't look good wedged under an evening gown hehe

Anonymous said...

Yes, the model needs to eat a sandwich.

Don't fear the economy... there are much greater
things in life than cut-down, mulched, processed-to-paper Trees! :)
Trees are much more important than the economy... only because I look from my mountain top and see beauty everywhere.
love and light.