Sunday, August 05, 2007

They're real and they are fabulous!

I couldn't help but use the Seinfield line for the headline. I forgot to mention that I did allow myself my one indulgance from my want list. I allowed it because I have an event every weekend in the month of August that I can wear them to but mostly I was just over obsessing about them for years. Now I can truly be a crazy old lady and wear my furs, diamonds and [carry my] shoes with my flowered house coat when I'm 90 to the supermarket.

Not sure I can say the Louboutin's changed my life but I've came and conquered! I definitely need a dress to go with them. The jeans thing just does not allow full exposure of the stunning beauty that they are.

1 comment:

franki durbin said...

yes, ma'am! Good things come to those who wait, I suppose!

I'm sure you'll be rocking these for years to come. And how can you put a price on happiness? ;)