Thursday, August 23, 2007

Johnny Cupcakes

If you ever had a doubt that you could do something you should click over to read this the story of Johnny Cupcake who doesn't really sell real cupcakes but took a nick name and really ran with it. Apparently he's has a store now on Boston's "Rodeo Dr" hawking his wears in a very funny manner. From his site...

"I opened up shop on “Boston’s Rodeo drive” - 279 Newbury Street. The same street as stores such as; Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Armani, Nike Town, Burberry, Urban Outfitters, French Connection, H&M, and lots more. This was/is a dream come true. I wanted my store to be more of an experience. Still having that jokester inside of me, I thought it would be funny and perfectly fitting - to transform my store into a high end bakery-themed boutique! My Dad and I gathered and installed hardwood floors, stainless steel baking trays, vintage antique refrigerators & curved glass bakery cases displaying my t-shirts. The store also consists of a 1000 lb dough mixer from 1930 & an iron cast wood burning oven from the 1890’s. I hid vanilla scented air fresheners throughout the shop, to make it smell like a bakery. My employees wear aprons. On weekends & select days we give out FREE home made cupcakes with every purchase. The t-shirts are even packed in bakery boxes!"

Makes me think of Paul Frank and his silly little monkey.

Cute stuff...and goes with my cupcake obsession. Sprinkles should be partnering up with this kid for his wears. If that happens let me know so I can collect my royalty check.

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J Lee said...

cute stuff indeed!