Monday, August 20, 2007

St. John Knits

If you're not familiar with this brand you may recognize the face of St. John a little gal called Angelina.

Years ago before St. John was sold from being a Southern California family owned company, they used the daughter of the owner, Marie Gray I think was the name? I didn't know much about the company then but do recall saying month after month of seeing advertisments...why the heck would they use this woman in their advertising? Yes, she was attractive but she did not speak to me as "someone I would aspire to be". Their clothing is really lovely clean and classic but I just could never get past that woman. I did not want to be her.

Thankfully once the company was sold and turned over to a board of better fashion thinkers they scooped up Ms. Pitt a couple years ago just before she got preggers and really hit the big time. Lets just say timing was definitely in their favor.

I have a new respect for their designs now and could very much see myself wearing them once I robbed a bank, or married a rich old O.C fart and took his credit cards.

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franki durbin said...

I wish I could dislike her. I just find her so remarkably attractive and confident that I can't help but love at least looking at her. In my opinion she's the best looking human I've ever seen. Loony? You bet. But as long as she keeps her mouth shut LOL!