Sunday, August 19, 2007

another weekend, another event

One of my dear friends, Kira got married [Rather Re-Married/ See bottom of archive page] this weekend. shhh her mom doesn't know that she was already hitched last October...they did the proper deal with family and friends in their back yard this past weekend.

My memory card went kablooie after about 18 photos so here are just a couple. This weekend I was hair dresser and photo assistant so when my own camera went belly up I was a little glad for the break actually.

Photo 1: Kira is practicing not crying here reading her vows to his children which were very sweet and touching. We were also standing in the air conditioned room doing touch ups on her hair. 2. and of course glasswear and me are good friends in a photo.

It was also great catching up with fellow blogger Angeleen of Lucky Seven Cat Ranch who has been a long time friend through Kira. We hadn't seen each other I think in 10+ years! I'm sure she'll be posting more photos.

1 comment:

Angeleen said...

Nice pics, Richie!

I haven't looked at mine yet. I'm pretty sure they're mostly blurry, though since not one of us held still for five solid days outside of the brief nightly coma.

I'm so completely spent, but what an amazing time.

It was GREAT to see you again after all those years and, I repeat, your aparment is completely LUSCIOUS! What a pleasure to get to be there with you (and Rob) primping the girls. :)