Sunday, August 05, 2007

Class of 1987

Well like with anything, I seem to make a grand entrance when all I want to do is sneak in and observe. My girlfriend from highschool and I went late to avoid the dinner and just go to see everyone. We entered the ballroom it was being held in and it just happened to coincide with the "moment of silence" for those who had passed away. Of course we were laughing and being loud and everyone turned around to see who the annoying people were. Hi!! we're here!!

The tables were full of all the same groups from highschool and every insecurity I ever had came flooding back. Would these people talk to me now? or would it be the same old thing? It felt very much like the same old thing at the beginning and I was regretting my decision and anxiety to go.

Out of 700 graduating students only 150 or so came. It was a sad affair - The people I wanted to see weren't there. I should rephrase that, the boy I wanted to see wasn't there. The one I had the mad crush on all through jr. high and highschool who didn't know I exsisted ;) it's ok I googled him and have seen what he looks like- hehe

There were a good handful of people I was glad to see and connect with. Surpisingly there were a number of women who looked really good. I had always heard at the 20 yr the women looked like hell. A few of them who wouldn't talk to me then, did which was nice. A couple of surprises - as one drunk woman professed after asking about her children "It's so f*cking hard, I had no idea how much work it was going to be, I wish they came with an instruction book" she sort of wobbled off in a drunken haze and my friend I both said "wow guess she's having a good time with her kids." Maybe she's been reading my posts and decided to give me proof on my hypothesis?

My friend and I were definitely in the top 3% of looking good - I suppose that is the best revenge.

I'm not sure what to say about this experience from last night...I'm not sure yet if I am glad I went or it didn't change a single feeling I've ever had about those people. I think the fat lady has sung in that department. I don't think there is a reason to attend a 30.

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