Monday, August 27, 2007

Some good snippets

" When it comes to getting dressed, men are a little bit more important than handbags but less important than shoes"

From the article
How to Dress Like the Perfect Couple
by Ashton Kutcher
September's Harpers Bazaar

Further reason I need to be super rich...

September W magazine debut's Christian Louboutin's new made-to-order atelier where they take a mold of your foot and hand craft each shoe around you. I'd have to travel to Paris...oh darn it!

I'm sickeningly trying to figure out how to have this accomplished as every single pair of shoes I own don't fit me. I've been cursed with the longest skinniest foot known to man and no one makes widths of shoes anymore except the orthopedic brands.

maybe with my freelance money....she thinks outloud.

Oh gawd...I'm so completely out of my mind
Conference Call

I just happened to have a conference call with this man today. We're having him bid on a job at the office. Iconic surf photographer Art Brewer. My boyfriend is going to be so jealous.

That maybe the closest I ever get to Laird Hamilton or Kelly Slater who need to stay away from me because one or both of them of course would immediately fall in love with me and sweep me away to a tropical paradise. wink wink

Speaking of....

Did I ever mention I have the most horrible crush on John Mayer?...and Justin Timberlake but John seems more down to earth so in my fantasy life he would also fall madly for me and leave his single days behind. I think at 38 I'm officially a cougar?? say it isn't so...

from the new Gap "Classics Redefined"


J Lee said...

i have a crush on john mayer too!

Angeleen said...

Don't tell James I said this but, JM is so flippin' hot.

And I love the Ashton Kutcher quote. It's nice he understands he's pretty much an accessory for an older woman with really good taste.

Nice work if you can get it, I imagine. :)

franki durbin said...

dear, dear, richele... we don't want Jessica Simpson's leftovers do we? ;)

Seriously, congrats on the cool conference call...and I love the Ashton fashion advice.

Richie Designs said...

Ha ha thats funny on the Jessica leftovers...
he def wasn't dating her for her personality.

Angelina said...

I have the exact opposite foot problem: the shortest widest peasant feet ever put on earth. I want custom shoes too.

I find it hard to respect any man who's dated Jessica Simpson. But he is good looking.

SGM said...

Sigh. I'm kind of regretting that I dumped him. I need to go look at that pic of him with Jess again.