Sunday, May 20, 2007


I don't know about you but I need to consistantly dangle a carrot in front of myself otherwise I get cranky and bored. This was on the wall at Design Within Reach/Beverly Hills when I was at our event last week for Apt Therapy.

Franki sent a comment asking if it was projected on the wall. I believe it was the wall decals you can find at places like
Wonderful Graffiti.


franki durbin said...

Oh I love it! Was it projected on the wall, or did the employ paint?

I'm seeing myriad examples of projections used in very stylish ways. Who knew an old tool could be so hip?

franki durbin said...

That is so grand. Thanks, doll!

I used to send out notecards to clients that had this quote on the back: "Good design is the process of doing well what must be done anyway"

There are countless things you could dream up to put on the wall. I love the idea of the long as they come off easily. A girl can change her mind (and her mood) frequently, you know. ;)