Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The most amazing singer in the world pt 2

I saw Lisa Gerrard last night, and as I have seen her every time in the past 15-20 yrs? wow! she never disappoints. I'm not sure how to describe her voice or her music if you're not familiar...she's sort of opera but not really, she's sort of goth but not really, she's sort of religious but not's kinda like going to a punk rock church. The You Tube piece above is probably 10+yrs old but her voice is still as haunting and moving.

If she is in your area I beg you to go see her...her shows generally sell out but there has not been alot of press about this tour [which is in your benefit] which is for a "best of album". If you go it will be one of the most memorable shows ever. She's in San Diego tonight Wed 30th more tour dates can be seen on her site

She doesn't tour often, as she has concentrated on her film scores for the past 10 yrs or so. This tour covers some of that music as well as her Dead Can Dance work. [Gladiator and Whale Rider are just two of her films]

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