Monday, May 14, 2007

Gawker's wedding weekend review

Apparently the New York Times is on to Gawker's rating section and are trying to throw them off base. They still seem to be doing a good job of making it the straight girl's sports page.

This week's winning couple:
Ann Lee and Fabian Caceres

Ann is a private practice attorney; Fabian does equities at the NYSE. -20
Their friends call them "walking Zagat guides." Gross! -10
They got engaged at the opera. -10
The wedding party featured an "Argentine meat-carving station" and "pumpkin risotto with lobster." If we were really committed to the weird semi-sincere populist shtick we've developed here this would probably have to sink Ann and Fabian another 30, but whatever, these sound like good foods. +10
The table setting at the wedding reception included "delicate white silk butterflies," as a reference to the lady: apparently Fabes calls her "his butterfly." +10
The best part of the night was when the band did "Somebody Told Me." -5
The best part of the honeymoon was "swimming with sharks in Australia." +30 for fearlessness, good taste in animals
Total: +5

Gawker's Wedding Page Review

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