Thursday, May 24, 2007

The most un-sexy use of money ever

Considering I have metal in my spine and chronic back problems to accomodate said metal, you would think I would have done this some time ago but last weekend I finally ponied up and bought a real office chair. I say real because my last two office chairs were: 1. wood chair from Ikea that cost me 19.99 that I threw a pillow on, then I moved up to 2. An "office looking chair" that my boyfriend found in an alley [for himself] then passed on to me when it he was going to throw it out. It was worse than the first in that it was too low and not movable, required multiple pillows behind my back to prop me forward to name a few of it's issues. Each time I worked at my computer for longer than an hour, my back hurt, my neck and arm were burning etc...I injured my back last weekend [again] doing some very light gardening and after 2 vicoden and still no relief, the thought of sitting at my desk and navagiating the pillow brigade made me cry. I had been contemplating two chairs and funny enough got to sit in my dream chair over at DWR at the Apt Therapy event. My co-editor Gregory told me he had once owned it and had gone back to his 'uglier' relax the back chair and after sitting in both I agreed.

So fast forward to my two vicoden afternoon and my trip to Relax The Back I ended up spending more than my bed on my office chair. The kid helping me did give me 10%off for taking the floor model but low and behold 1200$ later I'm so depressed that all of my freelance money has been spent on something so UN-Fun. It's a fantastic chair, and my back actually felt better after working in it for 2+ hrs on sunday than it did when I started so I guess in the long run it's a sound investment. It's like buying tampons though, flushing money down the toilet on something that should just be given to us for free if you ask me. I also bought "dirt" from Target that morning for my gardening. Such a sad shopping day indeed.


franki durbin said...

I'm right there with you sister! My husband keeps urging me to invest in ahcair...but at the cost of a (fabulous) handbag I'd rather have the handbag! LOL!

I have been on a quest for a chair for several months (see my blog) to no avail. I'm glad you ponied up and invested in a quality seat. We're on our tush too long to make our backs suffer for it! Congrats on the oh-so-adult purchase! ;)

franki durbin said...

Week two: How is the chair working out? :)