Monday, January 09, 2012

a yellow love affair

My love affair with yellow has been pretty consistent the past few years. It all started with a fashion show of yellow and grey [and I can't even tell you who it was Celine? I don't know] recently yellow and navy from our wedding invites and that whole nautical look. darn, I still have to show you those don't I? sorry about that. Some eye candy till then?

promise I'll get on track again, though it feels like I've said that a lot lately.

love that you don't have to see the whole thing to know what it is.

been missing my shorter hair lately - how cute is she?

I could live under this tree and sky all of my days

Taylor Swift, she gets it right

yellow velvet and denim - I would have never guessed it could be this good

photos? >pinterest of course

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