Thursday, January 12, 2012

blast from the past

I heard this song this morning and heard it so very differently than when it was first released in my early 20's.

It might just be my group of girlfriends...but it seems like we all found our voices later than we all expected. Once we did it felt like a shadow was lifted from our true selves. We have talked about this at length - just in this past year in fact - as one just found hers. Maybe that's the true passing into adulthood, before that point we're just stumbling faking it till we make it.

Sometimes I worry for young people that they want to be grown ups so fast, I know I did. The illusion that the media gives young people is that when you have all the right stuff that your innerself will feel better, when most of the time it's the opposite. Do you ever think about yourself in your early 20's or even teens? [and I'm assuming you're over at least 34 here] and think about what you would say to yourself? I guess I think more about that than I should.

I would have told myself:
• if you can't trust a man with your ATM card you shouldn't marry him.
• you will change so much from 24-32 that you won't recognize yourself. So, don't get married before the age of 30ish.
• Work really hard and keep growing in your career [the only one that I actually did].
• Somehow it all works out.
• The wait is totally worth it even though everyone around you seemingly has it together faster [they don't they're faking it too]
• Being a grown up is hard work, be young and free for as long as you can get away with it.
• Kiss a lot of cute boys.

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