Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Click Your Heels And Say Yeah!

there is a good chance that I might have a fever - feel my head? {humm...really?} because it's very unlike me to like anything this sparkily and funky. I'm sort of obsessed with these shoes though. I've been thinking about them daily.

Maybe next summer when some fashionista hawks them on ebay after the trend is over and I can pick them up for $100 and wear out the welcome of the trend of all that sparkles. They are available on the awesome site Net A Porter if you need them now {a wee bit more at $890}

The also have this basic heel as well, if you're looking for something more subtle. I think it's that wacky, warbily heel that is doing it for me. Now we just need a red pair so that we can click our heels together and pretend we're Dorthy. Available here I know that they are also available in other colors if you're in need.

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