Monday, November 09, 2009

Ye Old Anthropologie

So have you watched Man Shops Globe yet? I've only caught it once so far [and yes, I'm the last person on the planet not to have a DVR] If you're not familiar with the show it's the main buyer for Anthropologie. They film him shopping his brains out searching for unique furniture and items to sell in the stores. I caught the French Market episode. It's done well if you want to know, being on Sundance and all. Full of shopping suspense I was on the edge of my seat errr not really but I did start to feel sorry for him that he hadn't found the really big item he was looking for that day. Once upon a time in my styling moments I had to shop, sometimes a lot and it wasn't much fun. Something about the it. wasn't. for. me. thing. I know right? horrible totally wrong in so many ways.

Anyway, the reason I say any of this blabber is that I was on their site today. I'm sure if you're reading this you saw they launched a new section last week something about art collaborations. I haven't looked yet but I headed straight over to the furniture. As you might guessed it, it's all amazing and F*&King unbelievably expensive. But who cares lets just look at some right?

the Calligraphy bed featured on the episode I watched. They're replicating it now. You too can have you very own French bed, not French Bread, although if you wanted to eat French Bread in your new French Bed I suppose you could! $2498 -$2698

The Media cabinet made to look like a type cabinet. This grabbed my heart I have to admit. Has holes cut out in the back so wires won't be seen [how thoughtful of them] $1698

I like this stool for a few different reasons, one it reminds me of the stools my dad makes from old tractor seats [they're super cool] this is the grown up version $398

This is totally not me in any way but I can appreciate the beauty of it. It would look fab with a chandelier and a white couch don't you think? $598 coffee table

Anyway go check em out or not it's your call

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