Monday, November 16, 2009

strong girls

Karey is worried about her NO Girls today. The talking back girls, the possibility of teenage years run-amuck. Because I was not really a kid that said no and I'm not a parent who has to contend with the no, I'm seeing it as a positive.

Now don't let me fool you I was and am stubborn. I'm a Taurus after all. We invented stubborn. But I was a quiet-give-you-evil-stares-kill-you-with-silence kinda stubborn. I don't think no was allowed. By the way I'm still good at evil stares. I'm quite good at it really. Chris has seen a couple and was surprised at the level of evil I can shoot out from the hazels. He was on the receiving end of only a couple, most were aimed at others who don't know how to read it quite like he does.

But the No part. What if the good part is learning to stand up for yourself? I didn't know how to do that until was in my mid 30's. No, wasn't allowed remember? No, can be a good thing to the boy in highschool who thinks too highly of himself, or No, can be a great thing when someone mistreats you. No, could be a better thing if the wrong person asks for your hand in marriage. It can also be good when a friend throws you under the preverbial bus for the last time. Maybe one day one of the NO Girls will be sitting in her big office on Wall Street and someone comes to her with a shady deal and she says no.

This is my thought, I think that No can be a positive when you learn it along the way to becoming strong and independent. And I say this without having a 4 yr old having a giant screaming match with me by the way. But just remember to giggle a little when you walk away, they're just getting strong just like you want them to be.

So now little ladies, you have to do your chores and no, isn't part of the answer for that. Aunt Richie says so.

isn't the word no, suppose to have a comma after it each time? lordie I hate english rules. anyway, I thought about it here but sometimes it just didn't read right to me. I never claimed to be writing for the NY Times people.


karey m. said...


they will be THRILLED {as i was!} to see a reprimand from auntie richie.

although, if esme utters anything like sgm "holy shit, richie!" we're all screwed. xoxo.

Richie Designs said...

LOL now that made me laugh