Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do you forget to breathe?

I forget to breathe all the time. It's much better than years ago when I barely inhaled at all. I got super sick during those years as you might guess since oxygen is important and all. I guess enough seeped into my skin to keep me standing upright. Some day I'll tell you how it began, the not breathing, but I feel like keeping things happy and chipper today.

Somehow I programmed my body from that time that anything good, bad or in-between that's out of my day to day norm sets me into this little not-breathing-thing. Even the good or the great.

And today I'm not breathing because of great. Something exciting is suppose to happen tomorrow. I'll tell you when it actually goes through because well, the chubby lady hasn't sung just yet. So I'll wait for a little Do-Rey-Me before I spill. Till then, posting a big yellow stickie to my computer reminding me.


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