Monday, April 13, 2009

My Dad Would Kill Me

Once when I was a teenager I asked for a Levi jacket for Christmas. I got it and within the hour I was putting it the washing machine with a gallon of bleach. When my dad realized what I was doing he got so mad at me. "If I would have known you were going to do that I would have bought you one from the Salvation Army". I was too young to know about 'vintage' clothing. I just wanted a faded jean jacket.

This weekend I spent some Christmas gift cards and picked up a few things at JCrew. One of them was this pair of jeans that I was so happy that fit after the words "slim" were in the title that I marched right up and purchased them without looking at the tag. $148 later I realized I had just spent $150 on jeans with holes in them. Not too bright if you ask me [or my dad]

But man...are they cute! and fit well!! I ended up wearing them all weekend.


franki durbin said...

leave it to J. Crew to convince us we needed "well worn denim" ... that these are essential! LOL. I will admit, I am "this" close to snapping up my own pair. they are so yummy!

hope you had enough $$ left to snap up that gorg sequined top, too. ;)

beachbungalow8 said...

oh I love these jeans too. But I'm such a cheap skate, there's a great vintage store here in Manhattan Beach (i know)and they have the old 501s for around 35.00.

the only caveat, is that you have to roll the waist as the rise is 12".