Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mrs. Meyers Cleaners

I received two full size samples of their wares from a goodie bag that I got at a Daily Candy event here in Los Angeles a month or so ago. I've seen this product before but overlooked it [despite its super cute packaging] because I thought it wouldn't work, that it was more expensive...but I always use such and such...

let me tell you this stuff ROCKS THE HOUSE DOWN. First it smell so damn good that I did something I swore I would never do and bought one of those plug in air diffuser thingys because yes, they have one in their line up. Lemon Verbena should you wonder.

but back to the testers...the counter spray? I was preparing myself for a saturday of bleach, toothbrush and my kitchen grout. In a last ditch effort I sprayed the counter spray on let it set for a minute and scrubbed with my normal kitchen brush and Whammoo! totally clean!

Don't get me started about the dish soap that smells like an apple pie, which based on the site must be a seasonal item. damn I want to put it over a scoop of ice cream it smells so good.

Next I tried the drier sheets. Lavender, because I wanted my sheets to float me into sleepyville. This is the one in the line up that hasn't wow'd me. They smell lovely going in but didn't give me that flavor UMPH I was searching for. Drawer liners though...all about it.

Today...I opted for the hand soap. I think I might have gone crazy and got Lavender. You know me...Just WACKY like that.

and if that wasn't enough? from the company:

"We want a healthy world for ourselves, our families and our pets. That is why Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products are safe to use in the presence of children, pets, and expectant women. There are no solvents, no petroleum distillates, no bleach, no phosphates and no ingredients that could cause harsh fumes. In addition, most of our products have a near neutral pH that makes them safe for skin contact. Simply follow the directions on every product. Please keep in mind that our products are richly fragranced, and some women have increased sensitivity to fragrances during pregnancy – sometimes this creates a very positive feeling, sometimes quite the opposite."

and... TOTALLY ON SALE AT TARGET saw it with my own two eyes today.

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