Thursday, April 09, 2009


My best friend April and I have talked recently about how we cry at most anything anymore. A quote in a magazine, a commercial, we're not really sure how this happened. I mean, we're both sort of kick-ass/semi-serious, non-crying sort of women. We're attributing it to age- that we're getting 'soft' in our old age so-to-speak. It's very disconcerting to both of us, we're not liking it one bit.

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I saw this link over at a Cup Of Jo yesterday for the site Days With My Father and knew it would lump my throat as soon as I read the intro to it. True to form I have only read 3 pages in the last 24 hrs. I can't read any more.

I think it takes such bravery and courage to participate in the end of someones days. I suppose with many things, you don't have a choice in the matter. Regardless, for those who have the foresight to document it, I would say it's even more amazing. The only word that I can describe it is to say "Grace". One must have a lot of Grace to actively participate in this.

A number of years ago my grandfather who was a very stately gentleman passed away from complications of Alzheimer's Disease. My mom and aunt were very instrumental in his care for a very long time. I did not have the courage to visit him in his last months. I couldn't do it. My mom said it was better not to, to remember him as he was. She absorbed the tremendous emotional strain for my brother and I by forgiving this inability of ours. I only know those days through her recounts via phone.
That was forced grace on her but still grace.

So now that I'm crying as I'm typing you can go visit this amazing site yourself. It's full of grace, cherishing and documentation of the time left. Because not to be a downer, but 'time' and small moments really, are all we have.

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