Wednesday, November 15, 2006

creative days

I am a lucky girl! I get to do the neatest creative stuff sometimes. A friend of mine asked me to do a styling job for him. He was just shooting for a portfolio piece, not a client so he allowed me to be in on most all of the creative process when he was setting the job up. We thought he would handle wardrobe by himself but at the last minute he asked me to help out. We were going for a tomboyish sexy thing and I think our casting was great. I'm sure we'll all see more of Allie in years to come.

It's just such a nice day when everyone on set gets to be there because they love the creative process rather than dealing with a client's needs, which i'm happy to do, but clients are generally forced to play it safe most of the time for whatever reason their bosses/ad budget ect. It was great fun to just do what we wanted and I got to take some snaps as well.

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