Saturday, November 11, 2006

Beautiful Use Project

Last Month I signed up to do a fun project swap called "Beautiful Use Project" through a blog I frequent called Hoping for Happy Accidents [which is a brilliant name since my art is based on that frequently.]

The assignment:
participants are asked to send any three objects that are at once utilitarian, simple and beautiful to their partner. think about the beauty in the everyday...a packet of perfect new pencils, a white enamel bowl, handmade beeswax candles, a natural canvas tote with red stitching... these objects can be new, thrifted, vintage, handmade...just keep in mind that its probably best to send something that you'd be pleased to receive yourself.

I was assigned to Jen of the North in Portland, Maine. We were given a description of what the other person described her style to be as well as the link to their own that we would know what the other person might like. Interestingly enough, I found that something so incredibly simple 'the beauty in every day' was difficult to capture. I sort of choked really, on all the possiblities. what I really wanted to send was a grocery shopping cart! that's the ultimate in everyday beauty to me.

What I ended up sending since Jen said her taste was simple...were two lino prints I did during the summer. They were my two favorites and I thought she would like the simplicity of the drawings since she is an illustrator and artist herself. I find often with my art that I don't give it very much value, and as I was packing the prints up for her I suddenly got nervous that it wasn't "enough" that I was jipping her out of a real swap because I had made them. My insecurities with art still weigh heavy after all these years. I think alot of us discredit our gifts because they come so naturally to us--not everyone can do the things we do. It's hard to remember that sometimes. Anyway...I ended up packing up 5 items for her: a couple sets of note cards and a photograph, along with the prints I had recently taken. She said she like the prints the first instinct was correct. Funny how that happens!

Jen sent me some pretty antique bottles with some illustrations she had done decoupaged on to them. Also she made me a beautiful card on yummy paper that was stitched on the sewing machine. They are all lovely, I think my favorite was the striped bottle and the card itself.

The project was a ton of fun, a great way to get to know another fellow blogger and think a little differently than I normally do in the creative process. I told my mom I had a "secret pal" which is something my grandma use to do with her garden/mother's clubs which I always thought was fun.

Hope I get to participate again with it.

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jenofthenorth said...

thanks again, richele! and thanks for the nice photos posted on your blog. may we meet again some fine day!