Saturday, June 24, 2006

step 1 linoleum cut print Saturday 6/24

So I'm starting another beast of a reduction print. Because the technique is so difficult to understand I thought I would document the progress of the piece so that viewers may see the process.

The first step of a lino cut is to remove anything you want to keep white, or the paper color. I've included photos of the block itself [which must be cut in reverse so that the print reads right], and the first color which is a pale yellow. Sorry, the color is so bright on the sheet it's a little difficult to see. With any lino cut print you work lightest to darkest. Click on the images to see a close up of the work.

I haven't completly mapped this project out, sometimes thing change as I work but this should be an 8-9 color print once I'm done. Today's color took me approx 3+ hrs to complete. I printed about 20+ sheets, test sheets as well as good stock. If i'm lucky I'll get 10 good prints after errors along the way.

Stop by weekly to see the progress. This project will take about 2 mo to complete. I'm hoping less but the lab doesn't have evening hrs this summer so I'm stuck to Saturday's only.


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