Tuesday, June 20, 2006

introducing...Scott Yeskel

I had the pleasure of first seeing Scott’s work last spring at the Brewery Art Walk, then in a strange set of coincidences also seeing his work at H.D. Buttercup. His work is so good I stopped in the booth not for the furniture but to inquire about the art on the walls. I was tickled to find out it was the same person I had admired months previously.

Scott has a new show that began last week in Laguna Beach. This group of work called ‘Maps’ focuses on his abstracts, which like his other work is rich in color and has this very unique ethereal quality to it. It’s most notable in his cityscapes series, a quiet haze that draws you in. Somehow the dulled images and lighting invites you in to focus more. I very rarely have the experience of wanting to stand and continue to look at a painting, but his work demands it.

I asked Scott to describe this new group of work for me and he told me that they are ‘moody, incorporeal paintings of landscapes that capture moods and ideas rather than realistic images and places’. One of his pieces entitled ‘Levee Break’ was a response to Katrina. ‘It is an optimistic painting filled with color, but moody in the sense that it’s composition references the disaster.’ His realistic work as he describes ‘is still dealing with Los Angeles and all it’s glory, as he phrases it…traffic snarls, heat, and sprawl.’

I get fickle, school-girl crushes on things easily; colors, design, clothing, sometimes people…and I can definitely say I have an art crush. Scott’s post card still remains on my board at the office a year later, which in my fickle rotation says my art crush might be art love.

Scott Yeskel
GC Gallery

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