Thursday, June 22, 2006

Designed Down to the Last Detail

If you want to plaster your mug all over your AMEX bills, your child’s toothless grin on upcoming birthday party invites, or the pet pug on your Christmas cards then this is the place to go. Photo stamps are an ingenious invention [yes, sir approved by the USPS] that you can upload your chosen photo and then print out your stamps on site [for macs] or place an order and have them sent to you.

How cool would it be to send your best photo from this summer’s river rafting trip in for your next round of bills. Snail Mail never sounded so good.

Business Week voted it one of the best products of 2005, and the Smithsonian currently has a stamp design contest happening. Quite possibly, you could change the face of mail forever.


Photo Stamps

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