Friday, June 30, 2006

People who get it

These two women get it. and it makes me smile to see their work.
finally a wedding photog that takes stylie photos. If I ever go down that path again Anna Kuperberg will be on my call list. I guess I should say 'when I go down that path again' ;). Anna has an incredible eye and point of view with other people too. more good stuff here, and here.

and... because Ms. Andrea is one of my super heros and lead me to must visit her site as well. I shed a few tears at the office [quietly] when I logged in one day recently and she announced that she was expecting, after a long battle with infertility that she has talked about here along with her great photography and great daily thoughts. Congrats Andrea and hubby.

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andrea said...

Thank you!!! So great to read this..