Thursday, June 22, 2006

Real [cool] Art

Most major cities have some historical preservation; Long Beach has an exceptional collection begging for attention. The wonderful people who archive and handle the photography collection at the LBHS have great art for the taking at really reasonable prices.

If you’re in need of inexpensive but fun photography I invite you to check them out, not only will you start a wonderful collection that will invite cocktail conversations, but you will help out a charitable foundation. [Maybe a write-off? I’d double-check that]. Most photos are 8x10 and are shockingly affordable at $30 or so.

Historical Society of Long Beach
110 Pine Ave #1200
Long Beach, CA

also their Ebay store is fantastic!
HSLB Ebay site

or check out your own cities history and start your own collection.

From the collection of the Historical Society of Long Beach
*All Rights Reserved by the HSLB do not use images with out permission*
A special thanks to Julie Bartolotto and HSLB for the use of the photographs

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