Friday, March 30, 2012

recent work

have I ever mentioned the Smart Girls? Hunt Ortmann is a law group out of Pasadena that specialize in construction law. Two of the lawyers there, who are women, wanted to develop a focus with women in construction. Little did I know but there is a whole National Organization of Women In Construction.

The three of us [with blessings from the partners] put together an identity, a launch kit and workbooks about construction law last year to kick off the Smart Girls project. The booklets help keep contracts current and keep folks out of trouble [hopefully]. In the event they need assistance the Smart Girl team is there to help.

More importantly, The women at Hunt Ortmann really wanted to have a networking group dedicated to women in the business. Let's face it construction is pretty manly, so by having events and inviting the networking they hope to elevate women in all aspects of the industry.

last week they had an event out in Los Angeles and they asked me to come up with a fun and interesting give-a-way. I had spotted this Essie nail polish late last year and though how fun it would be to use it for their group since the color nearly matches their logo.

They loved the idea and so I called on a local beauty supply chain and said, can I buy everything you have? 200 bottles later [girl heaven] and on SALE no less [smart girls love a bargin] I developed a trifold hangtag that was digitally printed and we tied a pretty ribbon to each one.

it's always fun when clients love an idea out of the gate. It was a treat to do it as well.

know a woman in construction? [anyone from project managers to subcontractors] it's a free service to sign up for their newsletter and get informed about new bids coming up [that sometimes women owned businesses get a leg up on], networking events and mailings of the latest and greatest smart girl guides.

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