Sunday, March 25, 2012

Elbow patches

Chris is having a vintage obsession lately. I shouldn't say lately because it's been since the start, but he is honing in on a sort of refined look these days complete with horseshoe moustache [it's growing on me]. I saw this story over on NYTimes blog last week and thought oh he's going to love this. {surprise he does}

Jack Foxley's Dapper Patches is brilliant no? trim out little jazzy bits of leather and attach them to the pointy elbow bits that poke out [I am guilty of this]

there are two types of service: patches only [12 bucks!!] or send in your garment and they'll attach for you for $35 including return shipping.

I said to chris lets order a set of a orange or something they're only 12 bucks! duh honey we need the professional elbow patcher to sew them on. [duh, of course]

photos Flora Hanitijo for NY Times and cover image via Jack Foxley

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