Monday, March 19, 2012

photographer profile: Palani Mohan

gosh, I always love when something takes my breath away don't you? it seems such a rare thing these days to be sort of joyously thrilled. I was flipping through a silly little magazine this weekend included with my paper The Red Bulletin put out by Red Bull. I say silly, but it's really well done and focused on action sports around the world. I've seen 3 or 4 now and I'm always sort of happily surprised by the photography and the quality of the magazine. When I got to the section with photographer Palani Mohan's work I just gasped. The color! the people!

The event photographed is the Hindu festival Holi marking the end of winter and the coming of spring. A celebration of the god Krishna and is considered a festival of love.

during the festival, crowds throw colored powder and colored water, representing a moment in Krishna's life when he complained about the contrast the dark color of his skin and the fair skin of his lover, Radha. His mother responded by applying color to Radha's face.

The celebration sets down India's caste system for a brief period of time. The celebration crosses social boundries and even invites tourists to join. The colors called gulal were once plant based but are now artificial [careful on that red dye #5!]

Mohan's advice? "Wear old clothes, take sunglasses, and don't think you'll come away unstained."

I'd probably say camera housing might be advised as well.

please please go see the rest of his work? The Vanishing Giants series is also very magical.

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