Thursday, December 15, 2011

new in the studio: moon business card

graduating BFA design student Satsuki Atsumi contacted me a couple weeks ago about producing her business card. I soon realized she was under the gun as she wanted it for her senior show in approx 10 days from when we met. A crash course in teaching her printing details, some discussions with a master printer I have studied with about the grey moon image portion and a bunch of hoping and crossing fingers it would work in her time frame. [I've had incredible [luck? and] success with projects turning out involving screens or a percentage of the original image which normally are tricky to achieve.

We opted to produce two sets of plates in case the lower of the resolutions of the grey plate didn't work. We opted with our first select anyway. We got them completed and handed off to Satuski the eve of her senior show [nothing like a little pressure]. We were both thrilled with the finished piece.

interested in a glammy biz card? I know you are. email me for details richele[at]richiedesigns[dot]com

please enlarge image to see the yumminess up close.

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