Thursday, December 08, 2011

Dear Santa

If you've hit the lottery this year - these would be lovely...

Chanel black patent jumbo quilted kelly briefcase. Can't you just see my ipad in this? $1950 - gosh it's even slightly USED...because I'm willing to slum a little for Chanel

of course I don't want to be greedy but this sweet little scarf from Hermes is lovely too, you a stocking stuffer or something tiny. I promise to find a lipstick this exact shade of reddish pink just to match it. $546

gosh, and I can't forget something for the house now can I? This Hermes Giant Avalon Blanket will keep our tooties warm all year round. $2575 best part about this one is I don't even think you have to be put on "the list" to order it. Super easy peasy gift if you ask me.


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